Sunday, March 2, 2014


I've been battling with a cold all week, the kind that just lingers around annoying you and making you cranky. I'm sure you know the kind I'm talking about, sneezing, coughing runny/stuffy nose. Despite feeling like yuck, I woke up yesterday morning determined to go to the 23rd Annual Maple Syrup Festival in Sugarbush Indiana. I had read a rave review about it and honestly we just needed a good reason to get out of the house. Between illness and the weather we have been quite home-bond this winter and this was as good an excuse as any to drive way, way out into the country. The festival website said "to fully enjoy your experience, dress warmly and wear sturdy boots!!!" So, Alan and I laced up our hiking boots for the first time this year and off we went. I'd say it was about a 45 minute drive from home, but so very worth it. First stop was the dinning house for pancakes and sausage. We also had cups of this amazing maple tea that they make right in front of you. They fill a cup with sap/syrup in the first boiling stage and add a tea bag. It was hot and sweet and very delicious. After we ate we moseyed along the grounds checking out the outdoor craft vendors. We sampled several types of maple syrup in the Sugar House and ended up buying the Grade A Dark Amber. If I'd been feeling better, we might have participated in some tomahawk throwing and candle making. Maybe next year. Now, like many of you we are battening down the hatches and waiting to see what this next big winter storm brings. They are predicting ice and snow and to plan on power outages. Just lovely. Stay warm.

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