Sunday, December 19, 2010

ALL of the Stockings were Hung

Thanks for all of the finger crossing and prayers. David finally made it home and he didn't even have to go through New York City. It's so nice to have all four of us home together. It seems like old times just in a new house.
We are officially done decorating. I would have liked to have been able to say that way back on December 1st, but due to travel and weather and work and a bunch of other stuff I just couldn't get it together. The front porch still needs some work. The bows are a bit ridiculous and we just couldn't get the lighted garland around the door to work. Maybe next year...

I am very happy with the way the inside turned out. Our tree is perfect and having a real wood burning fireplace helps make everything that much more cozy.

The gift getting is finished and today we will wrap. We plan to watch cheesy Christmas movies and play games and eat too much and just enjoy each others company for as long as we can stand it and then who knows what we will do next. Stay tuned.

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