Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The weekend trip to Iowa didn't turn out exactly as planned. Mother Nature did not cooperate. Words like "Blizzard Conditions" "Winter Weather Warning" and "Stay Away From Interstate 80" are all it takes to send Alan and I back to Kentucky in a hurry. I did make it to the Cookie Exchange and swapped my 12 dozen cookies for 12 dozen amazingly yummy cookies, baked by my Iowa Girls. We drank wine and ate cheese and chatted late into the night. Thanks Joni and Jacqueline for kicking off my holiday season with a BANG!

The pictures that I took of my Cookie Swap friends did not turn out so well. All dark and blurry. Sorry ladies. Take my word for it, you all looked fabulous.

Another BIG thanks to Barb and Jorge for sharing their home and hospitality. Sorry we didn't get to play bridge and eat M&M's. I'm even more sorry that I forgot to take any pictures of you all and your beautiful home. (for the blog)

The 8 hour drive to Iowa was great, blue skies and dry roads. The 8 hour drive home, not so great. It seriously rained the whole way. I mean it poured buckets. The windshield wipers never got turned off. We were grateful that it was just rain, but really, 8 hours?

Like I said, we got the cookies. The freezer is full and we have spent the extra day snuggled in our house watching the snow fly outside.
Hope you are having a snuggly day too.

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