Thursday, February 17, 2011

Even More of My Favorite Things

Since I mentioned my quilting/sewing favorite things, I thought it only fair that I also tell you about my new knitting favorite things.
I just discovered these Chiaogoo needles. I have always been a fan of bamboo needles. I liked the fact that they weren't slippery and my stitches stayed on. But these little babies are amazing. They are pointy,they have a little bend in just the right place and the "cute" red cord is very flexible and red. If you need new needles, give these a try.
my other new favorite are these Chibi darning needles. They have a big eye and a little bend at the tip that makes sewing up a seem a piece of cake.
Who wouldn't love a cute little lamb tape measure and even cuter sheep stitch markers?
I love my knitting "stuff".
I am a happy knitter!

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