Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tea of the Week

English Breakfast Tea was my mom's favorite tea. She drank it in the morning and in the afternoon. She always added a "drop" of milk. Mom was not a coffee drinker. She could not stand the stuff. She even tried to convert my dad from coffee to tea. A few years back he started drinking a cup with her. I think it was just to be nice, because my dad is serious about his coffee.

When I was young my mom drank Lipton Tea, probably because it was the only kind you could get. She is from Boston you know, so I'm sure the whole tea thing for her was just a given.
I'm not sure where the Vienna Finger cookie addiction came from, but she loved those plain tasting little biscuits too. It just so happens that they are one of Alan's favorite cookies too. So in honor of my mom, (and because the box is red) this weeks tea of choice is...


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