Friday, April 11, 2014

A Tiny Bit Of Spring

Tonight is my monthly card club get together. We were challenged this month to try a new to us card making technique. I decided to make two sets of cards. Cross Stitched cards and Quilted cards. I really like how both sets turned out. The cross stitch ones are from a kit from Stampin Up and the quilted ones are from a paper piecing pattern book I've had for a while. My local quilt shop finally got in the cards and envelopes designed for the tiny quilt blocks. I had so much fun making them and now I can't wait to stick them in the mail. The cute little candy paper covers were also a lot of fun to make. Stuffing the M&M's into the little cello bags was not so much fun. Have you tried these Carrot Cake M&M's? Not quite as strange as you would think, plus I love the white chocolate.
Have a wonderful weekend

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