Saturday, April 12, 2014

First ZOO Walk of 2014

What a beautiful spring morning at the zoo. We have been waiting patiently for the weather to improve and finally today presented itself, sunny and warm. Perfect zoo walking weather (finally, did I say that already?)
Many trees and plants were in bloom adding to the loveliness of the day.
We were especially glad to see all of the new meerkats including a tiny little baby. 
"What's with all of the bugs"? you may be asking,
well, not that many animals were out for viewing this morning, but the  
giant mechanical insects were out in full force.
Not sure how long this exhibit will be here. It's called Big, Big Bugs and that is truly what they are. Not all of them were turned on this morning, but the ones that were were a bit creepy. You could see them breathing and bobbing their heads. The giant tarantula was not my favorite. I think I'm more partial to the lady bugs and bumble bees.
Hope your weather is just as gorgeous.

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