Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

 Are you ready for Easter? Do you have your Hot Cross Buns? Ours are from the Fresh Market this year. I love it when they do all the work for me. You are probably wondering why I'm showing you our grass full of violets and dandelions. I took that picture yesterday, because I knew Alan was going to mow the grass today. I love those pretty purple flowers. He hates them. Says they are just weeds and killing our grass. I made a little posy for the kitchen. To each his own.  It's a beautiful day here and we've been enjoying it. A walk at the zoo, coffee and knitting on the deck while admiring my new red geraniums. I bought 4 of the giant pots at Costco yesterday. only $18.95 a plant. This is the 3rd year I've purchased them and I can promise you that they last all spring, summer and fall long.  I know that I said I was only going to knit with my handspun yarn during April, but Grace says that knitting socks doesn't count. She and I are both knitting with China inspired yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks. My color is called "Cherry Blossom" and her color is "Tiles of the Forbidden City". I love how my socks coordinate so well with my little gnome project bag. It's things like that that just make me happy.  Hope you are finding lots of things that make you happy today.
Happy Easter!

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