Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sunrise and Balloons

 There was a beautiful sunrise in Louisville this morning and Alan and I were lucky enough to witness it. Today was the Great Hot Air Balloon Race, one of the Kentucky Derby Festival events. The balloons take off at 7:00 and drift to a designated location where each pilot drops a bag of bluegrass seed trying to be the closest to the target. This is our third year watching them take off and it really is a sight to see. We pack some coffee and muffins and wait. You never know exactly where they are going to go, because it all depends on the wind. This year we probably could have seen them from our backyard, but who knew?
This is our third perfect weather weekend in a row, which is kind of a problem because next Saturday is Derby Day and What are the chances of four beautiful Saturdays in a row? The prediction is for it to be much cooler, cloudy with possible showers. That's a week away. Today I'm going to just enjoy the 83 degrees and sunny forecast.

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