Thursday, May 5, 2011

Count Down to Derby

2 Days to Go! Also, happy Cinco De Mayo!

Today is the Pegasus Parade. I guess it's a pretty big deal, not your little rinky-dink small town affair. The parade route actually goes right past Alan's building. He says he probably won't watch it, but I bet he will take a peek.

Exciting Derby News: There is going to be a female jockey riding this year. Her name is Rosie Napravnik and the horse she will be riding is named Pants on Fire which I think is kind of cute. Only 5 woman have ever ridden in the derby and none have ever made it into the top 10. The last lady rider in the Derby was back in 2003. So if you haven't placed your bets yet, and you don't care about "favorites", you might want to consider Rosie.

Other Exciting News: Grace is home! She has successfully completed her first year of college and we are so proud of her. She is ready for a break from all of the studying. Her summer plans include looking for and hopefully finding a job. She's gonna need some cash for Spain. I plan on just enjoying her company.


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