Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Pictures From Graduation and A Funny Story

This picture was posted on the EVMS flickr sight. It was taken right before the graduation ceremony. I'm glad that someone got a picture of them in caps and gowns, because I didn't. David turned his stuff in IMMEDIATELY after the ceremony, because those were the directions, and he did not want to end up having to pay the $500 late fee. That's my David.

The next two pictures were taken form David's apartment balcony. I know I've shown you the view before, but it's just so beautiful. It really makes me miss being close to the water. He's on the 19th floor, so he can see just about everything. The sun was shining. A breeze was blowing and the air smelled of salt water and honey suckle. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Now for the funny story: So, there is a "small" underground parking lot at the coliseum where the graduation ceremony was held. David was under the impression that it was going to fill up fast and that there would be no spots left by the time that Alan and I got there. All of the students had to be there by 8:30, but since it didn't start until 10:00 we were planning on arriving around 9:15. He suggested that we try the parking ramp across the street. We pulled into the ramp about 9:00 and payed the attendant our $5.oo for event parking. As we drove in we realized that it was practically empty. Since we are always early we didn't think to much about it and tried to find a spot that would make getting out faster. As it turns out we had nothing to worry about. That's our car. Sitting all alone. At least it was easy to find.


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