Friday, October 28, 2011

Don't Adjust Your Glasses

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures. Somehow my camera got off the auto setting and I just now figured that out. Oops.

I am happy to say that I survived Trader Joe's opening day in Louisville.

It was a mad house as expected. Too many people, not enough carts or baskets, but everyone was in such a great mood that none of that mattered.

What a fun little grocery store, filled with fun and unique stuff.

I met up with a friend from work there and that made the long wait in line even enjoyable.

I spent a grand total of $42.37 and that includes my 2 bottles of wine.
Most things seemed to be very reasonably priced. The most expensive thing that I bought was a marinated flank steak (middle front) for $12.00. Now you know what we are having dinner. I can't imagine buying all of your groceries there, but after the crowds die down I'll be making another trip for sure.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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