Monday, October 17, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

Look at those scary Halloween eyes. Speaking of scary, Maggie gave us a huge scare last Friday afternoon. Everything seemed fine until it wasn't. I noticed after letting her in from the backyard around 2:30 that she was acting "funny" and then she started throwing up blood. Not just a little blood, but lots and lots of it. Alan was presenting at a meeting an hour away so I just called our vet (in a panic I'm sure). They told me to bring her right in. The next two hours were very long. No one could really figure out what was going on with her. They took X-rays and did blood work and finally decided that it would be best if she stayed the night in the clinic. During this time Alan had gotten home and "collected" a sample of the blood so that the doctor could get a better idea of what had come up. The good news was that she had not thrown up again, the bad news was that she was still acting very strange.

We worried about her most of the night and then the next morning we got the news that she seemed to be feeling better. We were able to bring her home Saturday afternoon with a bunch of medications and special food. We were supposed to keep her calm, but if you know Maggie, you know that that was not easy. She was so glad to be home. She was also exhausted. The poor thing couldn't keep her eyes open. We have no idea what happened to her. Maybe she ate something bad. We may never know. As for now she is sporting this cute little poodle leg where her IV was and she seems to be almost back to normal. I'm not even going to tell you how much the whole thing cost, but it was enough to make me think twice about pet insurance.


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