Sunday, October 2, 2011

Training Continues

A beautiful day for a hike. Blue skies and a little on the chilly side. We went back to the same forest as last week, because it's the closest to home.

Today we did the Yost Ridge Trail to the Mitchell Hill Lake Loop trail which eventually connected back to the Yost Ridge Trail. The whole thing was about 3.5 miles with some moderate and strenuous parts. Alan's phone app says it was a 629 foot climb and that we burned 580 calories.
All I know is that there sure was a lot more to look at. The little lake was picture perfect, a great place to take a breather.

I think having the sun out made a huge difference as well.

The wild flowers were enjoying the sunlight too.

There is even a scenic overlook where you can see the city of Louisville off in the far distance. We tried to take a picture, but the city scape didn't show up.

Not sure where we will go next week, all I know is that Alan is serious about this training stuff, so the hike will probably be a little longer and a little tougher. Yahoo!


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