Friday, November 18, 2011

It Can't Be Stopped...

I never should have had that Gingerbread Latte last week. Just drinking it gave me that little "oh my gosh Christmas is just around the corner" feeling. You know what I'm talking about? All of a sudden it hit me that there were still lots and lots of things that I needed to get done, and my time was running out. I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling. Sure it would have been nice if I had gotten all of my shopping and craft making done way back in July, but since that never happens, this crazy little "panicky" feeling gives me the push I need to prioritize and get busy.

The first "must get done" project really did start back in July, but then took a back burner to other more pressing matters.

Do you remember when I showed you this colorful mess and asked you to guess what it was going to be?

Well if you guessed Christmas stockings, you were absolutely right!

I finished them up the other night and have had them hanging from the mantle ever since. They go quite nicely with all of my Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations.

If you are interested in the details I'll give more info on my Projects page at the top of my Blog.

One more thing that I'm kind of embarrassed to mention is that I've been listening to holiday music in my car all week. I really do try to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I just happened upon the station by accident and there you have it.


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