Monday, March 12, 2012

Making the Most of Daylight Savings Time

Hope you had a great weekend. I don't know what it is about changing the clocks and "springing" forward, but I always feel like a little more daylight jump starts my engines to get more done.

This past weekend was relaxing yet productive. Is that possible? We really got a lot done, but there was still plenty of time for watching basketball, and movies and reading. Of course there was also time for cooking, baking, and spinning.

Friday I tried out some new recipes found on Pinterest. This amazing Honey Butter was a big hit with Alan. So easy to make and yummy. There was not a link to the recipe, it was just written on the Pin. I think that means that it's OK for me to share with you.

All it is is.....

1 cup honey

1 cup sugar

Boil these in a sauce pan for 1 minute

Pour over 3 sticks of butter in your blender

Blend until smooth and then give it a while to set up. I'm storing mine in the fridge, but be sure to let it come to room temperature before you want to use it.

So far I've tried it on toast and warm biscuits. If you enjoy honey, I know you will love this stuff.

Have a great start to your week.


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Anonymous said...

Yummy! Do you think I could make only 1/3 of this recipe? Seems like I could.