Monday, March 26, 2012

My Shoe Shopping Adventure

Last Friday my friend Margaret and I drove to Shepherdsville KY for a little girls day out shoe shopping adventure. Shepherdsville is only about a 20 minute trip and well worth it.

Who knew that Zappos had an outlet store so close to Louisville? Well, to be honest, I knew it was here I just had no idea how to get to it. Thanks to enabling friends, I now know where it is and am the proud owner of two new pairs of shoes. I just couldn't resist.

I actually found 2 pair for me and 1 pair for Alan.

All of the shoes are returns, so you have to spend some time looking and trying on. What a shame....

The deals can't be beat. All of the shoes that I bought were 60% off the tagged price, plus because it just happened to be Friends and Family Day I got an extra 20% off my total.

These purple felted clogs are my favorite find. The will be perfect for next fall and winter.

I couldn't pass up these Merrell's. so comfortable and my favorite colors.

Alan just happened to be in need of some new work shoes. A little on the boring side compared to mine, but just the way he likes his shoes.

It was a Good Day!


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