Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Just Finished Reading a "Real" Book

A few weeks ago I was on my way to get my hair done. For whatever reason this is a process that can take up to 3 hours. I'm not kidding. I totally get the royal treatment, but have you seen how short my hair is? I could probably do it myself in under an hour if I had any skills in that department at all. Since I don't and I like the stylist I just keep going back. I went to grab my Kindle so that I would have something to occupy my time with for 3 hours when I discovered that the battery was dead. I might have said an ugly word or two but since I was running out of time I just grabbed my purse and stopped the car at a book store on the way. I literally ran in and picked up the first book that caught my eye. From the first chapter, I guess you would say I was "hooked". It was kind of a disturbing story, but one that I knew I'd finish. I haven't read an actual book since a got my Kindle a couple of years ago. It was a bit nostalgic for me. I enjoyed turning the pages and knowing which page I was on. I mentioned this feeling of nostalgia to Alan, and he said "just like taking a horse and buggy ride". What is that supposed to mean? I'm not giving up my new found technology, but I might be taking another trip to the book store. Plus, they sell coffee there.

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