Monday, April 8, 2013

A Stinky Situation

Last week the unthinkable happened.

 Our sewer backed up. So, so gross. My Dad had just arrived for a visit and thankfully he and Alan discovered the problem before it got way too out of hand. We called the Metropolitan Sewer Department first thing Thursday morning. They came and inspected by running a hose with a camera attached to the end up into our sewer pipe. Sure enough, we had a clog. They marked the spot and then as nicely as they could informed us that they didn't know when the diggers would be able to get to our house. Maybe Thursday afternoon, but most likely not until Friday morning. In the mean time we could not use ANY water. No flushing and they kept telling me not to use the washing machine. As if I was feeling the need to do laundry at that point. It was a bit stressful watching them dig up the front yard Friday morning, and even more stressful when it appeared that the problem was going to be harder than thought to locate. Finally, about 2:00 Friday afternoon the clog was cleared. I honestly felt like hugging those guys and I might have if they didn't have their "sewer cleaning jumpsuits on". We still have the giant hole in the yard. Hopefully they will come back today to fill it. In a month or two we might have forgotten the whole thing ever happened...
Hope you had a lovely sweet smelling weekend.

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