Monday, April 29, 2013

What a Weekend

It is officially crazy time around here. 5 days until Derby and the city of Louisville is hopping. It's really a full two week festival starting with the amazing air and fireworks show called Thunder Over  Louisville and ending with the famous Derby race. Alan and I got up early Saturday morning to watch the start of the Great Hot Air Balloon Race. The weather could have been a little more accommodating. It was quite chilly, gloomy and grey but at least it wasn't raining. 
 Watching these balloons take off is so much fun. It's over and done with in just a few minutes, but worth getting up early for. The balloons all float off one after the other to a designated spot where they each drop a bag of blue grass seed trying to be the closest to the mark. Sounds like fun.
Here's a little video that Alan took so that you can feel like you were there too.
The very last balloon that you see looks like a black blob. It was the Wicked balloon and it had a green witch on it with the words "Deify Gravity"
We packed our breakfast and ate it while we watched the balloons and then headed over to the zoo for our regular Saturday morning walk
 We got home in just enough time for Alan to mow the grass before the rain started.
  Sunday we drove up to Lexington to meet Grace and to go to the University of Kentucky's theater production of Spring Awakening. The musical was very well done. Very R rated, but very entertaining.
We ate an early dinner with Grace and then headed for home. She had two papers to write and a final exam to study for. I can't believe that she is finishing her third year of college. It just doesn't seem right.
Well that was pretty much our weekend. Hope you had a great one too.

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