Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bye Bye Green Stuff

My Dad is coming for a visit later this week. He says it's to "visit", but I'm guessing the real reason is so that he can pick up his power washer that he "forgot" back in the fall. It's spring and the brick pathways at his church are probably in need of a good cleaning. Thankfully we experienced a fairly warm day last Saturday. Warm enough to drag out the washer and clean the ugly green mildewy stuff off of our back fence.
 Alan did most of the work. I did get to do one of the fence sections when he had to leave to get more gas.
I wish you could see the difference in person. The fence looks brand new. Power spraying is really a lot of fun. After the fence was finished I tried to find other things to clean. I thought maybe the garbage cans, but Alan gave me the look. We did the deck last fall and it still looks great. I suppose we will just have to say we are done and let my Dad have is machine back. Thanks for sharing Dad!

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