Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do You Drink Green Tea?

Don't you just love the whole idea of "tea time"? I do and I'm not really what you would call a tea drinker. My mom was a serious tea drinker. When I was little I thought it was because she was from Boston. Turns out she just really enjoyed a good cup of tea. When Alan and I were graduate students in Wisconsin, living in married student housing and getting by on love we had some wonderful neighbors from Australia. Jim and Margaret were a little older than us and so much wiser. Margaret was a firm believer in "tea time". She had tea every afternoon around 4:00 and I had a standing invitation. Sometimes we had "treats" to go with our tea. I was not fond of the Vegemite sandwich treats but the regular biscuit treats were always tasty. Margaret taught me the importance of taking time every day for a "cuppa" and a chat as she used to say. Some how after leaving Wisconsin and starting a family and working "tea time" slipped away from my daily routine and got lost. I'm making an effort to reinstate it. All the talk about green tea and how healthy it is for you (and how it can help you loose weight) got me thinking that I should give it a try. I've stocked up on tea thanks to my friend Barb I even have some fancy tea and a fancy cup to go with it. Do you have to drink tea from a tea cup, or is a mug OK? It probably tastes better from a pretty china cup. Maybe I'll have to start a new collection.


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