Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Had to Buy IT

I've always been a Barnes and Noble kind of gal. Very faithful and loyal a member of the frequent buyers club since way back when. That is until now. I think I've been so dedicated to B&N because that has always been the closest bookstore to my house. Like I said, if I'm anything, I'm loyal to my favorite, local stores. Well, the closest B&N to me now is not that close. As a matter of fact it happens to be on one of the roads that I try to avoid at all costs. The Borders bookstore is very close, practically right around the corner. It doesn't have a cafe, and I'm trying to overlook that little negative feature and focus on all of the great deals that I have found there lately.
I know you are probably thinking "what happened to Less is More?" I'm still trying very hard not to buy books, but since I started my new job I've needed to replace some of the children's books that I use for therapy. It's very hard to walk into a bookstore and walk all the way to the back and up some steps and not notice all of the books so nicely displayed calling out "buy me" "take me home" "you need me". I swear I can really hear them.
Today was one of those days. Books were screaming at me. Thank goodness I was able to control myself a little and leave with only one. The thing is the one that I left with is huge. It's really like two or three so I feel like I lucked out. When I tell you that it's a cookbook, you are probably going to roll your eyes and say something like "what the heck do you need another cookbook for?" Am I right? Well, I don't but I do. I saw this book Nigella Kitchen mentioned by another Blogger whose site I visit regularly. In Praise of Leftovers is the name of the blog and she's always cooking up something yummy. I also watched Nigella on the Food Network Sunday and I just love how casual she seems to be and who could not love her beautiful accent. Anyway, When I passed by the cookbooks, hers just jumped out at me. When I saw that it was 50% off plus my extra 10% member discount, plus the $10.00 off Borders coupon I just got in the mail, the thing was practically free and I was not leaving the store without it. So there. It sounds like I'm trying to justify bringing it home. Maybe I am just a little. All I know for sure is that I can't wait to open it up and start cooking.


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