Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tea of the Week

Continuing with my "make time for tea-time" plan, I decided that it might be fun to try a different tea each week. This week while scanning the 5000 teas at my local Kroger the Constant Comment caught my eye. I used to drink Constant Comment all the time when I was in college, before I started drinking coffee. I bought a box, fixed a cup and just the smell of it brewing made me happy. you can really smell and taste the oranges and sweet spice. It's funny how such a little thing as a tea bag can change ones whole mood for the day.


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Bigelow Tea said...

Hi Sally!
Yes, isn't it amazing how scents and flavors can really change your mood?! We are so glad that you made Constant Comment your tea of the week ... and that it made you happy. Enjoy all of your tea tasting!
-Deb for Bigelow Tea