Monday, January 24, 2011

The Peppermint Pig

When Angela and Dewey came to visit right after Christmas, they came bearing gifts. One of the cutest little gifts of all time was The Peppermint Pig. It's kind of like an edible ornament complete with a little card explaining it's history. This is a good thing, because while it's cute enough, you have to admit that a peppermint pig is kinda strange.
The gist is that that these pigs have been made in a little candy shop in Saratoga Springs NY for many, many years. Apparently in Victorian times during the holidays the pig was a symbol of good health, happiness and prosperity.
Our pig has been hanging around looking cute for a few weeks now and Alan and I got to thinking that maybe in order to cash in on the good tidings we needed to actually break the pig and enjoy the candy. So we did. It was pretty tasty and now we are waiting patiently for our Good Health, Happiness & Prosperity! (If I were you, I get a Peppermint Pig too,)