Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy, Happy New Year!
I hope that you celebrated in style, whatever your style might be.
We were so lucky to get to share the day with our closest, oldest friends. Angela and Dewey stopped by for a visit. Honestly I think they just wanted to check out our new house. Every time we have moved, they have made it a point to visit. I'm sure they are secretly giving us some kind of special "new house blessing", which we greatly appreciate, because they have connections if you know what I mean.
Ang and I are old school pals from LSU. I'm sure it's because of her that I made it through our acoustics class. She's an amazing speech pathologist (who should have gotten a PhD) and one of my very best friends. Her husband Dewey is also pretty amazing. He and Alan have had to listen to Angela and I talk and talk and talk for hours, because that's what any good speech pathologist does. We love spending time with them and I can't think of a better way to spend the last day of 2010.

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Angela said...

Gosh, we had such a good time! Thanks, Sal & Al, for the great visit & tour of your new town. It was a wonderful way to end a terrific year & launch a new one. Sally, you and I do have the best husbands --& kids-- in the world. So much fun to catch up with Gracie, too! We're almost home & looking forward to our next adventure together....meanwhile, big hugs, y'all! Love, Angela & Dewey