Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

One last look at our beautiful Christmas tree overflowing with presents. The anticipation of Christmas morning is just too much for everyone including Grandpa and the dog.

The aftermath is also a little over whelming. Everyone was generous in their gift giving this year, but Grandpa always wins the award for being the most generous Santa Clause. If only he had a long white beard.

I think Christmas brunch is probably my most favorite meal of the Holidays. Everyone is relaxed and feeling gratefully blessed. I wish that feeling could last a little longer. I think I start loosing mine when it's about time to begin all of the dinner preparations. All of the cooking and cleaning up starts to wear on a girl. I suggested that next year we take a family cruise over the holidays and everyone voted me down. Apparently they like things just the way they are.


PS tomorrow you will be seeing pictures taken with my new camera. I know you are excited.

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