Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Little Holiday Snack

I visited my two favorite grocery stores yesterday and found some tasty holiday treats. Imagine that? The tea was a new find, but the box of mini Gingerbread Men cookies was a repeat purchase. These little guys are very addicting and go perfectly with a cup of tea.

I actually bought 2 boxes, because they are so good I'm afraid Trader Joe's might just run out of them before Christmas. I was going to hide one of the boxes in a secret place, but decided to make Alan's day and let him take a box to snack on at work.

I'm sipping a cup of the tea right now while I type this. It's pretty good. I think I should have let it seep a little longer. It's just a tad weak.

I haven't started baking yet. I'm trying to decide what to make. I think I'm going to make fudge for sure, maybe some sugar cookies. David loves Mexican Wedding cookies and Grace likes the Peanut butter ones with the kisses on top. I think Alan would be happy with just having the little Gingerbread Men and my Dad loves them all. Where to start.....


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