Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend With Grace

Grace finished her mid-term exams and decided she needed to take a little break
 I think she was missing her cat and maybe sleeping in her own bed just a bit.
 She also wanted to check out all of the Halloween decorations at the zoo.
 The weather was pretty perfect Saturday morning, but the wind really picked up by the afternoon

 Alan's dream job has always been to be a UPS delivery guy. I bet you didn't know that about him did you?
After the zoo visit we checked out a yarn shop called Grinny Opossum over the river in Indiana and then we went to see the movie ARGO. We all enjoyed it. Grace learned all about the hostage crisis. It's hard to believe that it happened so long ago. Ben Afflec did a great job and in my opinion was probably at his cutest.
Hope you had a fun weekend!

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