Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I bought 3 more pumpkins. I know, I have a serious pumpkin problem. These are called Fantasy Pumpkins at Trader Joe's and all I can say is I needed them. They are on display in the house, because the crazy squirrels have eaten completely or taken bites out of every single pumpkin in the yard. I moved two tiny pumpkins to the picnic table and one squirrel was bold enough to just sit there while I watched eating away. The dog can't even keep them away. First it was my tomatoes and now it's my pumpkins. I don't even live in the country. Next year I might have to set up some squirrel traps.

I feel so sorry for all of our little Trick-or-Treater's. It is going to be cold and yucky tonight. We may end up with a lot of leftover Halloween candy. I guess I can send it to work with Alan. His folks enjoy any and all chocolate that they can get their hands on. Hope you have a super Halloween. Time to start planning for Thanksgiving. Is it still too early to listen to Christmas music? Maybe I'll just listen to it in my car.

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