Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Cousins Were Here!

I spent the latter half of the week attending the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association Convention which just happened to be held here in Louisville this year. The convention was not much to write home about, but when you have to get your CEU's, you just have to go. What made the whole thing worth while, was that my one and only speech therapist cousin, Mary and her charming husband Charlie came to visit.

Mary is my Dad's youngest cousin and the reason that I became a speech pathologist. She was the most awesome person I knew back in the day and she still is.

Mary and Charlie live in Middlesboro KY, which is practically in VA. Apparently there is a lot of great hiking around those parts, so you can only imagine that we will be visiting then soon.

We had such a great visit while they were in town. We ate some yummy food and got all caught up on our kids and life in general.

I really did attend the conference and was able to learn a few things that might be helpful at work, but mostly I just had fun hanging out with Mary.


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