Monday, February 13, 2012

I Wish It Could Be Sunday Again...

Here it is, a fresh new week, and I'm thinking about yesterday. I love lazy Sunday mornings, when it's cold outside and there is absolutely nothing on our agenda.

I ask you, what could be better than a cup of coffee, a little knitting and the Sunday paper? Not much in my opinion.

Now that I've figured out how to make the Pandora thing play music through the TV, I like to listen to the station called "Sunday Morning Breakfast". It adds just the right amount of background sound to keep that easy, relaxed feeling going on and on and on.

I made a little progress on some of those projects that I mentioned in my last post. but mostly we just hung out and enjoyed being at home with nothing to do.

Now it's Monday and I really should be picking up the pace a bit. I will be attending the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association Annual convention here in Louisville this week, and one of my most favorite cousins and her sweet husband will also be in town for the event. I'll tell you more about Mary and Charlie later in the week, but if it weren't for Mary I probably never would have become a speech pathologist. I can't imagine doing anything else, so I'm especially grateful to her. Hope you have a great start to the week.


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