Friday, February 3, 2012

It's A Table for Two Again

Things are kind of quiet around here today. We took Grace to the airport early yesterday morning for her return trip to Spain. She just called me to let me know that she arrived in Granada in time for lunch. I feel a lot better knowing that she's there and not stuck in some airport. Her suitcase even made the trip this time.
Before she left we celebrated her 20th birthday a couple of weeks early. I can't believe that after February 14th I will no longer be the mother of a teenager. I guess we should be pleased that we survived the teenage years, but having two adult kids in their 20's makes me feel really old. I think I'd better get out the old photo albums and reminisce a little.

Because of the whole Weight Watcher's adventure that we are on, Graces cake had to be "points friendly". I found the most amazing recipe on Pinterest. All it is is a chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin. I swear to you that all you taste in the chocolate. It makes a very moist and yummy 2 point (3 if you add the chocolate glaze) (5 if you add 1/2 cup of frozen vanilla yogurt)treat. Even Alan likes it, and that's saying quite a lot. If I think about it, I'll give you more details under "I love the taste" at the top of my blog.

Even though she's not quite 20 yet, she sure does seem to have blossomed into a grown-up over night. You can tell by her smile that she can't wait to get back to Spain. Hopefully she will be just as excited about returning home in May. The good news is that we are planning a little spring time European get away and will be able to spend some time with her then.

I'm off to do all the things I've been avoiding lately, like house cleaning and laundry. Hope you have a Great Super Bowl weekend. (Go Giants!)


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