Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poor George

Sometimes I think my husband has lost his mind. He came home from work last night and couldn't wait to "Bread the Cat". Have you heard of this? I most certainly had not. Two students that are working with him this month told him all about it. I'm not sure how it relates to microbiology, but whatever... The first thing he did was Google Cat Breading, and what came up were some of the most ridiculous pictures of cats that I have ever seen. Here is a link to some of them just so that you don't think that I'm making this up. He actually got a piece of bread out of the freezer, thawed it and then cut a hole in it. George seemed to know that something was up. He tried to hide, but to no avail. Does he look like he's enjoying himself to you? I think not. Alan quickly emailed the pictures to David and Grace. We heard back from David right away. He was laughing so hard he couldn't talk. I guess I just don't get it. I hope it gives you a chuckle on this Wednesday morning.


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Anonymous said...

I could just see Alan laughing while cutting a hole out of the bread and thinking about his devious deed! If it's not Maggie torturing George, it's Alan! Poor George is right! Barb