Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Last Friday my card club celebrated Valentine's Day. We were all supposed to make Valentine's to swap. This is what I came up with, mainly because I already had all of the materials plus M&M's on hand.  Not such a bad effort. How can you go wrong with chocolate?

 The M&M hearts are attached to extra long lollypop sticks and the chocolate fudge sauce I think I've shared with you before. It's Susan Branch's recipe and you can find it on her blog here. It's similar to my Grandma Connie's sauce, but it makes a lot more and is very cost efficient if you know what I mean.

I'm going to make another batch for my co-workers and Alan. because, like I said before, how can you go wrong?
Every time I start taking pictures of things I want to share with you Maggie goes bonkers. She barks and barks until I take her picture too. Crazy dog. Here she is wishing you a happy Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day kind of week.


Bette Strug said...

OMG! Now I have to make chocolate sauce!

Anonymous said...

Sally, where did you get those hearts filled with M&M's? Barb