Friday, February 22, 2013

More of the Same

Well, that week just blew by. Nothing all the eventful to report, other than: Grace submitted her application to the Peace Corps, David got his first 100% on an exam in medical school, Alan does not have any cavities and I went to a new place to get my hair done. Oh and I almost forgot, we watched the season finale of Downton Abbey and the season premier of The Amazing Race.
 In honor of the Amazing Race and because I thought the fabric was so darn cute, I sewed a couple of project bags
 The little gnome reminds me of the Travelosity gnome. I even stuck him on a pocket on the inside. Pretty fancy don't you think?
 Speaking of fancy here is a picture of one of the pairs of socks that I'm currently knitting. Thank goodness that lacy bit is only on one side. I think the yarn matches the bag nicely.
 I'm all about coordination which I'm sure you are aware of by now.
 So, I've been knitting and sewing and working and getting my hair done and that's about it for this week. I plan to do more of the same over the weekend except for the work and the hair part, so I'll be back soon with a few more projects to share.
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

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