Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Knitting

I know that you all probably think all I do anymore is knit and spin. It must seem like that, but it's really not true. OK, maybe it's a little true.  Hopefully next week I'll have something more exciting to share with you. I have been pinning all kinds of fun ideas for Valentine's Day, or as we like to say around here, "Grace's Birthday".  But, for now here are some pictures of my finished Larch shawl. I'm not going to say that it's my new favorite, because I always say that, but I think it might be....

It is knit out of Dream Smooshy with cashmere yarn in the color Take A Hike. It was dyed exclusively for The Loopy Ewe and you might remember that this is the yarn I "earned" for completing all 3 Camp Loopy projects last summer.  I didn't think that I would be participating in Camp Loopy again this year, but I might be reconsidering after knitting with this amazing yarn.
I love when a project uses almost all of the yarn required. I have to say that I was getting a little bit nervous while I was knitting the last row and binding off on this shawl. That little bitty pile is all the yarn that was leftover. I just squeaked by.  At least I don't have to worry about having any to waste. I would definitely use this yarn again and I'd also love to knit another Larch.

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