Monday, February 25, 2013

The Bunnies Are Back

Can you believe it? It's still February and I've already brought out the Easter/spring decorations.
 I just couldn't help myself. I was putting away the snowmen/Valentine's Day stuff and I realized that Easter is early this year. March 31st to be exact.
 Since I'm going to be off at the Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association Convention the second half of this week and part of next weekend I decided to get a jump start and have Alan drag the Easter box up from the basement this past weekend. He's so helpful that way. He just loves the bunnies too....
 I know I've said this before, but I'm really pretty much over winter. I'm ready to start working in the yard. I want to plant some lettuce and radishes. Of course the weather people are saying that winter is by no means over just yet and that we can expect cold temps and "snow" again this week. Lovely.
At least the inside of my house is feeling springy.
Happy Monday!

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Bette Strug said...

Cute knitted bunny!! Is there a pattern?