Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It All Started at the SEW IN

Here's the way it went down.... While I was at the Common Threads Quilt Shoppe Sew In in Iowa a few weeks ago, Jess made a cool pin cushion/scrap bag thing.  She shared the pattern with Bette, who in turn blogged about it here and shared the pattern with the whole world including me. Really, it's a free pattern from  Sew Mama Sew so you too can make one if you are so inclined.
 My wonderful friend Barb gave me this beautiful fabric for Christmas. She got it when she went to visit Fons and Porter in Des Moines last fall. (I'm still jealous about that)  I have been searching for just the right project for it and this is it.  Having it sitting by my sewing machine means that I get to see it all the time. It just makes me happy.  I sewed it up last Friday and even made a risky trip to Jo Ann Fabrics through the falling snow to find the perfect button to finish it up.

Sorry for all of the pictures, I just want to be sure that you see it from every angle. I've already used the scrap bag several times while making the cute little paper pieced coaster to match. I'm determined to use every little scrap of fabric.
Paper piecing is not really my thing. Every time I start a new project I mess it up and have to start over. It just takes me a while to remember the technique. This little flower pattern came out of this book.
There really are 50 patterns in it and they are all pretty adorable.
So, now that that is done I can get on with more quilting.


Bette Strug said...

Well done, Miss Sally! Love the coaster..how clever!

Anonymous said...

Really nice Sal! I think I got to make me one too! Barb