Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trying Something New and Crazy

The other day I showed you my cute little gnome bag and the lacy socks I'm working on, well here is the other pair of socks that I've also started knitting. Can you tell that I'm knitting two socks at a time? I've never tried this before, but now that I know the Magic Loop trick it's really pretty easy. I'm just using my plain old sock pattern, but it's so fun to see two sock growing at once. The secret is to use two separate balls of yarn. You have to be especially careful because the last thing you want is a twisted mess of yarn. The bag that I was keeping my yarn balls in was just a tad bit too big and left too much moving around room which was to be honest giving me fits. 
 So, I made a new bag. I love this little bag. I've had the pattern and material for some time now and just hadn't gotten around to sewing it up.

 I don't know why I procrastinate so much. Probably too many projects and not enough time.
 The size of this bag is perfect for this sock project and it's helping me keep everything tidy and organized.
It also matches my new yarn perfectly.  I must really like blues and greens together. Those two colors seem to reappear frequently when I'm crafting.
 I can't wait to knit with this yarn. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to make. Right now I'm just enjoying looking at it and feeling it. It's lovely.
 Here it is just a little closer up. The colors in the picture above are the most accurate.

Well, on to the next thing.

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Grace said...

hmmm....I love that bag too