Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Let's Make A Deal

Please tell me that I am not the only one that plays that game with myself.
It seems to be the only way that I can get things done that I don't really want to do. You know, "if you do this, then you can do that". I think we learn how to play back when we were little kids. "If you eat your vegetables, then you can have dessert".  Right, you know the rules. Well, even now that I'm all grown up I still seem to need a little motivation to accomplish things that I should just do because I'm an adult. Things like exercising, and cleaning top the list, but I even find myself doing it with activities that I truly enjoy. Here is an example. Remember the beautiful red, white and black fabric that I bought last month in Iowa? 
I can't wait to get started on this quilt. But, and it's a pretty big "but", I have another quilt that I've had the fabric for for over a year now and have just not been able to get around to it. I know that I liked the material when I got it.  It's just that I really like the new material better. So, the game starts. I tell myself that I must finish the first quilt before I can start on the new one. It's plain old common sense I know.
 I started with a Layer Cake. Cut it into pieces. Rearranged all of the pieces and then sewed them all back together. Not really a pattern, but super easy and very fast.

 I made 40 blocks over the weekend and have sewn 20 of them together. That means that I'm halfway done and just might be able to start the new quilt next weekend. Now you know my secret for getting things done.

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